IP2 is a program that can find out both your LAN and WAN IP addresses
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IP2 is a program that can find out both your LAN and WAN IP addresses. The IP address is a unique number assigned to a computer on a network. It is used when someone needs to connect to a given computer. If you are directly connected to the Internet, your LAN and WAN IP addresses are the same, but if you are behind a router or a firewall, you will have two different addresses. In that case, if someone from outside your internal network wants to communicate with your computer, the LAN address will be unusable, you must tell them your WAN address.

This program finds out both addresses by querying some servers on the Internet, like http://www.mywanip.com, checkip.dyndns.org, www.whatismyipaddress.com, ipchicken.com and whois.geektools.com. Then, it displays the IP address that your computer uses on the Local Area Network, the name of your computer, the WAN IP that you are assigned and the name of the hostname you are using to access the Internet (your Internet Service Provider). You can select the "Autorun" checkbox if you want the program to find out your addresses every time you run it.

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